THRIVE is a co-operative independent education ministry designed to offer an affordable opportunity for families to join together and share talents and resources. Our mission is to assist and support one another in achieving mutual educational and enrichment goals.  We want to build a community and lifelong friendships!

We are a Parent Led Co-op where our parents are our teachers. We ask that you please prayerfully consider your availability.  Think about the season of life your family is in, as well as, your desire to prepare for each class. We want you to be sure you are going to be able to fulfill the weekly commitment of teaching, assisting, or serving in another area all year.  Training is provided.

The fees cover facility rental, insurance, websites, cleaning and equipment supplies.  When you register your student(s), you are agreeing to commit for the full year of participation fees for your child/children.

The fees may be paid up front or spread out over 10 months.   

Family Participation Fee Per Year:

  • $100 registration fee per family NOT per child - due upfront

  • $550 per year per family - NOT per child

  • $7 avg. per student monthly supply fee - paid directly to teacher


  • If any books are needed for the class, parents will purchase these. Most can be found used on Ebay, Amazon, etc.


Since our financial budget is based on enrollment, parents are expected to commit to the program upon registration for the entire session. Refunds of tuition and material fees will not be given after registration.